SpreeCommerce One Page Stock Management

Stock management is the practice of ordering, storing, tracking and controlling the inventory. Stock management covers every aspect of the inventory of a business to produce its products or services – from raw materials to finished goods. A company’s inventory is one of its most valuable assets, more so in the case of an e-Commerce company. If it is finished or nearly finished, restocking has to be done as soon as possible in order for the business to run without any hindrances, while recording the overall process by updating the quantity of every product on the store that is restocked so that the future orders are not missed out on.

SpreeCommerce platform does give the store admin an easy process of updating the stock of a particular product. However, the overall process of updating the quantities of multiple products and all their possible variants must be cumbersome, in addition to being monotonous. What if we solve these problems by giving you a single page from where you can update the quantities of all the products directly and also save tons of time & effort? Our SpreeCommerce One Page Stock Management Extension does just this. One Page Stock Management Extension adds a ‘Stock Items’ tab to the Admin panel of your SpreeCommerce Store. To see all of this in action, you can also watch this video.

You select the stock location (default in the screen below). There is also an option of filtering out your stock location by giving the name and/or SKU of the stock location. A list of all possible variants of all products on the Spree store appears. The current count on hand is also displayed against each variant.


Here, you can update the quantities either by entering the value in the field provided or by clicking ‘+’ or ‘-’ buttons and clicking the tick button in green to update the count. You could also specify whether the stock is back orderable or not by ticking the ‘Backorderable’ tick-box.


If you want to give store credits to a large number of customers, you can have a CSV file imported into the store by clicking ‘Import CSV Stock’ button. You could also use the same if you wish to add different values of store credits for different users. A sample file can also be downloaded upon clicking ‘Download Sample File’ as shown in the image.


The extension is open source and the code is available here.

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