SpreeCommerce Order Events Tracker Live

In the ever-evolving time of e-commerce, having a knowledge of all of the activities on the store is of prime importance. Which activity happens when and various attributes like who performed an action (including the email ID & IP address, apart from which module was affected, etc.) could be of value.

At times, when a breakdown/hindrance occurs, or a new stage in the order timeline is reached, or an order has to be returned, then we need to know when it was shipped and who marked it as shipped. When talking about orders only, Spree Commerce platform comes with the functionality to track all the states of an order, changes in the order and its payment and shipping details, in addition to providing a timestamp. These come under the ‘State Changes’ header.

But, whenever there is a change in the details of the customer, an adjustment is made in the total, a return authorization is created/updated or a customer return is created/updated from the Admin Panel; then these options are not displayed in the State Changes menu. Unfortunately, as the name suggests, State Changes menu only maps the changes done in state, and there’s no information about who made the changes and in which module. You could only keep guessing from the changes done!

To provide a balance of information between the admin user(s) and their activities on the store related to the orders, we’ve come up with Order Events Tracker Extension. It provides all the remaining details about the orders, which you could not see before.

Order Events Tracker Extension provides the following information for every order on the store in a chronological sequence:

  1. Name of the Activity Performed
  2. Action Performed By
  3. IP Address
  4. Module

Also, the information is provided in all the following headers, for all the orders:

  • Customer – change in customer details, including billing and shipping address
  • Adjustments – opening & closing of adjustments
  • Payments – change in payment status
  • Return Authorization – creation & updation of reimbursements
  • Customer Returns & Reimbursements – creation & updation of reimbursements

To see all of this in action, you can also watch this video.

In the screenshot below, you can see the traces of the activities happening in an order, along with the name of the activity, the email ID and the IP address from which it is performed and the module in which the activity is performed.


All of this information is available in the Timeline header on the Orders page. This can also be viewed directly by clicking on the eye-shaped icon next to the Edit button on the Orders page, as shown below.


This extension is open-sourced and you can view the code here. Follow us on Twitter for more updates.