Spree Packaging

E-commerce is rapidly capturing the retail markets with every passing year and in order to be a part of the growth and expansion, the business houses must ensure superior and efficient packaging solutions. Packaging may look like an afterthought to some but if not given enough attention could lead to a negative brand image, reduced customer loyalty and increased cost of returns. 58% of the 2000 respondents surveyed for SealedAir said if they received a damaged or broken package from an online store, they would simply refuse to purchase from the same vendor again[source]. Everything comes at a cost and as packaging standards improve, the cost associated with it too rises is why it needs to be efficient enough so as to provide a good customer experience along with using packing resources smartly.


Spree Packaging provides an optimal solution for the business wherein it lets the admin configure properties (dimensions and weight) of the boxes to be used for packaging and suggests the best possible way of packing products for each order. A quick view of the admin UI is below :

The packaging section can be found in the main navigation bar on the left and it has two sub tabs – boxes and packages. Clicking on ‘boxes’ takes you to an index page where all box types created by the admin are listed. The existing box types can be edited or removed and a new one can always be created.


A new box type needs dimensions and the maximum weight that it can carry which ensures safety for both the package and products in it.


The creation of a packaging plan runs in the background once an order is marked as complete and can be viewed for any past day by selecting the order creation date/date range. The plan can also be exported as a CSV file or directly printed and shared with the packaging team.


As shown below, a quick view of the order package is also available which gives us an idea of how the products will fit in a given box. If there are multiple box size options available, the best fit will be chosen automatically.


Some more features that we’re working on include packing multiple orders in a single box, restrict packing specific product types together, assigning more space to delicate products or pack them separately, etc. Along with this, we continue to optimize the solution further. Follow us on Twitter for more updates!