Spree Commerce PickUp

The concept of ‘Pick up’ for products ordered online has become extremely popular. On purchasing a product online, instead of getting it delivered to your home or business address, you can get it delivered at a pickup location and later on collect it from there at a time that’s convenient for you.

But how to find a suitable pickup location?

That can be easily done by sharing your address and the nearest pickup location options can be seen. You can choose one of those locations. Once your product is delivered at the pickup location, you will be notified via SMS/email so that you know it’s ready for pickup.

The benefits of this way of delivering products to customers primarily revolve around making the process of a product reaching its buyer, simpler and more efficient. It also brings together the experience of shopping online with the convenience of picking something up from a brick and mortar store. For SpreeCommerce, our ‘PickUp Extension’ serves this purpose very well.

You can read on or watch a video to know more about how this extension works.

Below is a quick demonstration of how it works :

Admin can manage pick up locations from the configurations menu as shown in the image below.


While creating a new pickup location, parameters like timings and days on which the location is open can also be specified along with the usual details like name, address, etc.


During checkout, the customer is able to see an additional tab of ‘Pick up address’ along with the ‘shipping address’ tab. One of them is to be chosen. If ‘Pick up address’ is selected, the same address is copied in the shipping address as well.


For viewing the available ‘pick up location’ options the customer needs to specify the country and state details. All available pickup locations are listed as per the chosen country-state combination.


One of the locations can be chosen for dispatch of the ordered product as shown in the image below.


Available pickup locations can also be viewed on a map.


When selecting a shipping method only those shipping methods will be available which have been marked by admin as ‘Pickupable’ as he/she might not want to keep the pickup option active for certain shipping methods in some areas.


During order confirmation of such orders, instead of the shipping address, pick up address is displayed.

Admin/Site owner can view and manage the pickup address of every order in the system.


Two new actions have been introduced for the admin. He/she can mark the product as ‘shipped to pickup location’ or ‘Pickup ready’. The same is reflected in the shipment status of the order as shown below.


The admin also has the liberty to mark an order as delivered from the admin interface. The shipment status changes accordingly.


This sums up an overview of the SpreeCommerce PickUp extension. While we continue adding more features to this extension, feel free to access the code here and share feedback/improvements with us. Follow us on twitter for more updates!