SpreeCommerce Product Subscription

Subscription-based E-commerce models are a win-win for both customers and business owners. The model is simple: Customers sign up for a monthly (or recurring) payment, and the business provides products.

As a business owner, offering subscriptions can help your business achieve lower retention spend, greater revenue and order predictability. For customers, the appeal is savings and convenience as stores usually offer better discounts on subscriptions rather than a single purchase. Plus, freedom from the hassle of ordering a product repeatedly is a boon for buyers. Below are a few famous subscription services:

With SpreeCommerce Product subscription, our aim to let the customers subscribe for any product they want to with maximum flexibility in delivery schedule and subscription duration.
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How SpreeCommerce Product Subscription works?

Making a product Subscribable (Store Owner)

1. From the details page of a product, you can choose to make it subscribable. A subscribable product is available for recurring purchases.


2. Select the Checkbox ‘Subscribable’, and you will see delivery interval options that you can provide for this product. Multiple options can be selected.


3. If you go back to the product listing page, you will see that the Product is now listed as Subscribable.


4. You can also use a quick filter to search for Subscribable products by checking the ‘Show Subscribable’ checkbox.


Subscribe for a product (Customer)

1. Subscribable products can be identified from tag ‘subscribable’ in the list of products available.


2. Once on Product show page, click on ‘Subscription Order’ for adding details of subscription.


3. Set the following parameters for subscribing for a product:
a. Recurring Delivery Interval – It is the frequency of your subscription, for example, if set to ‘Monthly’, your order for this product will be placed every month on the same date.
b. Total Deliveries – Number of deliveries that you want, for example if set to ‘7’, the subscribed product will be delivered 7 times, once after each month (given your Recurring Delivery Interval was ‘monthly’)
c. Quantity of the product.


4. Click on ‘Subscribe’ and transit to the shopping cart page, where the subscribed item is now present in your cart. You can edit the ‘Recurring Delivery Interval’ and ‘Total Deliveries’ in the cart itself.


5. On Successfully placing the order, along with the order confirmation email, you will also receive a subscription confirmation email, stating the number of deliveries left for the subscribed product. You will receive these emails for every occurrence of subscription order.


6. You can view and edit your subscriptions from ‘My Account’ section. A subscription can be paused, edited or canceled. While editing a subscription, all parameters (Recurring Delivery Interval, Total Deliveries, quantity of product) can be updated.


Subscription Orders Management (Store Owner)

1. You can view all subscription orders under ’subscriptions’ tab and can search for any particular subscription.


2. Being the Admin, along with other customer details you can edit the following items from Subscription details page:

  1. Price
  2. Quantity
  3. Recurring Delivery Interval
  4. Total deliveries


3. You can cancel a subscription order but make sure you do provide a reason for canceling your customer’s order!


We’ll continue improving the product subscription experience for your business and customers. As it’s an open source extension, you can access the code here and follow us on twitter for more updates.