SpreeCommerce Themes

As a business owner, it’s important to keep the look and feel of your store attractive and current. What’s the chance that your vision and business model require something specific when it comes to what your SpreeCommerce website should look like? The likelihood seems high!

Be it expanding from a few products to a plentiful of them or deciding to focus entirely on a few core products, every business model requires a different design. There can be several other reasons to switch your website’s theme like introducing a new product, revamping brand identity, and the most important being keeping your customers attracted and engaged for retention. Thanks to SpreeCommerce Themes, you now don’t have to worry about the time and effort it would take to make this happen. Re-skinning your SpreeCommerce store can be done at the click of a button. All you have to do is choose a theme of your choice and give your store a makeover!
Re-skinning is about the way your website is presented to reflect your vision, products, and services. With SpreeCommerce themes, we review fonts, colors, listing, menus, graphics and the layout as well.Below is a quick demonstration of SpreeCommerce Themes :

Setting up a SpreeCommerce Theme

1. You can access the SpreeCommerce theme’s code here. Once you are logged into your spree store, click on ‘Vinsol Spree Theme’ (demo name) section in the vertical menu bar on the left-hand side.You’ll be able to view the existing theme options for your store with an option of ‘Adding a new theme’ as shown in the image below.


Uploading a new theme is easy. For demo purpose, some spree store themes are available here. After cloning, zip the files of the theme and upload the zipped file from the admin interface and a new theme is ready to be published!

2. The current theme in action is highlighted in green (BigShop theme in the demo image below).

There are quite a few other actions that can be performed on a theme.

– Compile and Publish
– Download
– Delete
– Preview
– Edit template

3. Publish, download and delete options appear by clicking on the options menu.


4. A theme needs to be compliled (asset compliation) before publishing. The best part is that as soon as a new theme is published, it reflects in your storefront immediately!


5. On hoved over a theme’s placeholder image two options appear :

– Templates
– Preview


By clicking on templates, you can get access to the template files of the theme. This gives you the freedom to make cosmetic changes (static text, button color, fonts etc) to the theme’s template. You can also add a new template file.


‘Preview’ click opens up the preview of your storefront in a new tab enabling you to see how your store will look like when a theme is published.

Preview can be closed by clicking on the ‘X’  button in the preview tab.


Currently, we have 2-3 demo themes in the system.

1. Bigshop
2. Classic white
3. Default Spree Theme

Default Spree theme is the store frontend view that is default for SpreeCommerce stores. The other two themes are custom made. Below are a few sample views from both of them to give you an idea of how views change with changing themes.


A. Home page –  It has an offers section on top with some featured products listed underneath.


B. Product details page – It has all details and properties of the product.


C. Checkout Page – An easy to use and neat checkout page with options like apply coupon codes, empty cart, continue shopping etc.



A. The home page has featured products as the main focus with the filters and search section laid out differentally as compared to Bigshop.


B. Product details page – Here, the details and properties of the product are listed in a separate ‘Description’ section.


C. Checkout Page – Classic white’s checkout page has elements like apply coupon codes, empty cart, continue shopping etc placed in a more defined manner (are buttons rather than running text as in bigshop).


That’s all about the current sample themes in our Spree Themes Extension.

A super exciting Black Friday sale or Christmas is around the corner? Don’t worry! Next addition the the set of SpreeCommerce themes : Seasons, Events and Festival specific themes.

While we continue adding more features to this extension, feel free to access the code here and share feedback/improvements with us.  Follow us on twitter for more updates.