Spree User Promo Codes

Promotions in Spree are used to provide discounts on orders. One can add several ‘Rules’ and ‘Actions’ so as to define different types of promotions. ‘Spree User Promo Codes’ extension, extends the ability of Spree Promotions by making it possible to create customized user specific promo codes. The store owner can create unique coupon codes for each customer which are then shared with the customers via email. From the customer’s perspective, getting to use personalized promo codes gives a sense of exclusive ownership along with being extremely easy to remember and use. 

A few things to remember:- For generating unique customer codes, a promotion must be marked as ‘Multi coupon’.

  • If there is a usage limit on the promotion, only those many coupon codes can be validated.
  • The codes are non-editable, so once generated, a code remains in existence unless explicitly destroyed by the store owner and can be used only by the designated customer.

To know more about how the extension can be put to use, read on or watch a video.


When a promotion is created/updated, it can be marked as ‘Multi coupon’ as shown in the image below.


While creating a new code, the customer for whom this code should be exclusively valid can be chosen.


For a multi-coupon promotion, promo codes of all users can be viewed by clicking upon the ‘View codes’ option on the promotion’s edit page.


During checkout, user can use his/her custom code for availing the promotion. Discount granted for the same is shown in the order summary section.

It’s an open source extension and the code can be accessed here. As we continue adding more features to the promotions module, follow us on twitter for more updates!