SpreeCommerce Wallet

This SpreeCommerce extension adds an e-wallet to your customer’s account which gives them the freedom to pay using wallet instead of getting into the hassle of making credit card transactions every time they purchase something. To see all of this in action, you can also watch this video.


Add spree_wallet to your Gemfile:

gem ‘spree_wallet’

But if you are using older version of spree

# Spree 2.1.x

gem ‘spree_wallet’, ‘2.0.6’

# Spree 2.0.x

gem ‘spree_wallet’, ‘2.0.6’

# Spree 3.0.x

gem ‘spree_wallet’, ‘3.0.0’

Bundle your dependencies and run the installation generator:

bundle exec rails g spree_wallet:install
bundle exec rake db:migrate


From an Admin end, you need to create a payment method of Wallet type.


Admin can add/remove money from a customer’s wallet. The user account is credited/debited accordingly.


The customer can select ‘Wallet’ as payment type during the checkout of a product. In case there is not enough money is the user’s wallet, rest of the payment will be deducted from the other payment method chosen by the user.



You need to do a quick one-time creation of a test application and then you can use it to run the tests.

bundle exec rake test_app

Then run the rspec tests with mysql.

bundle exec rspec

As it is an open source extension, you can access the code here. Follow us on twitter for more updates.