Empowering The Quality Of Life In Parkinson’s Syndrome

iOS • mobile


Parkinson’s disease commonly affects movement, causes tremors and may impair speech, posture, and memory with a progression of time. The patients are often required to undergo treatment plans which could include frequent doctor visits, daily medication, and exercise.

Even with the presence of a caregiver, the elderly ones with ongoing symptoms find it very difficult to cope with the activities of daily living. Taking the prescription drugs on time, managing the healthcare appointments, and even taking care of everyday chores become strenuous.

Therefore, StrivePD was built to assist people with Parkinson’s to oversee their treatment effectively and guide themselves through their daily lives along with successful adherence to the treatment.


After taking into consideration the cognitive problems many patients face and the associated memory loss problems compounded with postural instability to complete simple tasks, we were presented with the responsibility to engineer a simple voice-operated smartphone application, but intelligent enough to provide detailed insights, interact and easily log patients’ medication schedules and symptoms in order to manage this condition with comfort.


To build a user-friendly conversational interface for the StrivePD app for iPhones, Vinsol integrated Amazon Lex service due to its advanced automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language understanding (NLU) technologies.

To make the application quickly understand a user with either voice or touch commands, a comprehensive database of terminology was created pertaining to prescription drugs, connected symptoms, and the activities involved with Parkinson’s disorder.

Using Amazon Lex and Deep Learning concepts, Vinsol wrote and tested the sophisticated algorithms in-house to integrate Alexa’s capabilities with StrivePD to create an intuitive mobile application.


  • Log symptoms, side-effects, influences (diet, sleep, activity) and medicine intake with preset voice or touch commands.
  • Link Alexa devices to make quick logs.
  • Set daily goals.
  • Daily notifications to help adhering to the medication schedule.
  • Generate and email monthly reports of your logged information for medical analysis.
  • Automatic insights based on the data provided, which shows the compliance to the medication schedule, the trend of symptoms and even any dose the patients miss to log into the device.


Vinsol delivered StrivePD, an intelligent mobile application to serve the patients, caregivers, and medical professionals to improve the lives of the affected population. Keeping the dosage schedules in check, recording the symptoms and sharing monthly reports with a medical practitioner have become extremely simple with StrivePD.