Third Party Service Manager Extension

Adding different third party services is a complex problem nowadays. What’s even more difficult? Managing them effectively. With a growing need to integrate an increasing number of third-party services, sometimes you only want some of those third party services to work; and other times you want all or none of them to work.

Don’t you just want a solution that could let you add any third party service to your Spree Commerce store with ease, and help manage multiple third-party services better? Our Third Party Service Manager Extension is the solution to this problem. It helps you add multiple third-party services to your store and lets you quickly control them by just enabling or disabling at the toggle of a button. The third party services are added from the admin backend and you can also control on which pages of your Spree Frontend Store those particular third-party services should launch. To know more about how this extension can be used, continue reading below or watch a video.


  • To add a third party service, you need to go to the ‘Services’ sub-tab in the ‘Third Party Services’ tab.


  • Click on the ‘New Third Party Service’ button.


  • Add the name, click the ‘Enabled’ checkbox, add the script without the script tag, then add the pages where you want the service to fire and click on Create.


  • Here’s how the code for Google Tag Manager looks like:


  • You can easily enable or disable any number of third-party services. At any point of time, you can edit the settings & code of any third party service by clicking the edit button. If you want to remove a third-party service, you can do that by clicking the ‘Delete’ button.


  • There’s also the ‘Pages’ sub-tab where all of the important pages from default Spree are made available with the help of our extension. You can edit and delete pages from here only. You can add more pages by clicking on ‘New Page’ and adding the spree path in the ‘Name’ field.


The extension is open-source and its code can be found here. Follow us on Twitter for more details.