Simplifying online communities for WeWork

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WeWork is a platform for creators that transforms buildings into dynamic environments for creativity, focus, and collaboration. They run a network of co-working spaces in major cities that rent out desks and whole floors to entrepreneurs.

WeWork brought to us a codebase from their previous agency which had to be modified and updated to align with their expectations along with building custom applications to simplify it to achieve their vision for online communities.


Vinsol was asked to build a custom, user-friendly digital experience for collaborative, urban workspaces that would power the next generation of workspaces by WeWork.


WeWork’s core mission is to connect individuals and to enable collaboration. The Vinsol team designed apps to simplify this task and provide a streamlined source of communication for WeWork’s internal team as well as their customers.


Since a fundamental part of the WeWork experience is connecting and collaborating with other tenants, we developed a virtual community space to link up like-minded people across the country. We built social features so that tenants can send messages, develop profiles, and follow each other. WeWork also requested more effective tools for managing billing and tenant accounts.

Over six months, we migrated the company’s various spreadsheets in Google and QuickBooks to a unified, completely customized billing system that also supports members’ billing needs.

Vinsol also built the first iteration of WeWork’s Conference Room Booking Kiosk iPad App and to help WeWork’s building managers keep track of tenants and invoicing, we developed an iPad app with robust search features and payments tracked in real-time. Managers could even send text messages to tenants for announcing visitors.


Vinsol built a comprehensive suite of applications that allowed the WeWork team to focus more on the business rather than the operations making sure that they could grow at an unmatched pace.

Covered 59 cities by early 2018

Soon after release, we also helped WeWork to transition the project over to their in-house development team for future iterations.