• Start-to-finish success.

    More than just builders, we guide the tech strategy of your project. Our cross-platform approach shortened time-to-market for OpenTable's iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone apps.

  • Your ideas, our expertise.

    For an entrepreneur set on bringing American-style e-commerce to Nigeria, we turned his vision into DealDey.com, a leading group-buying site.

  • Specialists in versatility.

    Most of our mobile engineers are cross-trained in Rails and mobile platforms. With Disney's Holiday Magic app, we leveraged our multi-disciplinary skills to deliver a great experience.

  • Innovating around the clock.

    With our many U.S.-based clients and San Francisco/New York City creative partner, Sequence, we are an efficient, responsive global development team.

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  • Always discovering and learning.

    Naturally curious, we stay on top of trends and new technologies to help our clients reach future-facing solutions.


Leading Spree Commerce Open Source Efforts

Our team is a part of the core development team of Spree commerce. Having released Spree 3.1 and defined the future roadmap, we continue to contribute towards the growth of one of the most promising and fastest growing open source project in the world.

Featured Work


Restaurant reservations on-the-go.


American-based chain of fast casual restaurants.


Web-based apps for co-working spaces.

Disney Holiday Magic

Greeting card platform for iPad.


Perfect E-commerce solution for beauty products.

Served by Stadium

Mix and Match - Restaurants & Cuisines

Open Source Contributions

Along with being a part of the core team of SpreeCommerce Open Source project, we have also made contributions in the form of various SpreeCommerce Extensions.
Our Open Source ecommerce Elixir/Phoenix project to be evolved into an E-Commerce framework
Customizable Open Source SpreeCommerce Android application to give your store the much needed mobile presence.

From Our Blog

Elixir coupled with the Phoenix Framework provides one of the most powerful platforms for developing Web and Mobile Applications. It's capability of producing highly reliable fault-tolerant systems has attracted developers worldwide.

Vinsol is delighted to announce the release of it’s open-source E-Commerce Phoenix Project, NectarCommerce .
Android dominates the smartphone market with a share of 82.8%**. Talking about Ecommerce, it is a little older than 20 years now and needless to say, is growing exponentially.

Quick question! What would be the fastest and cheapest way out for bringing your store online?
We have been delivering Ecommerce solutions for almost two decades now. For us it has been about delivering experiences and not just documented products. As we grew, our quality centric mindset has motivated us to create something better everyday.

After First data acquired Spree Commerce, the company, arose the need of a new core development team for taking care...

Why Work With Us

Looking for a Ruby on Rails developer, eCommerce expert, entire web & mobile development team to realize your dreams? VinSol is the correct choice. We can help you in developing cost-effective, highly functional, and flexible web or mobile applications for your business.

Launch Quickly

We can launch your store in a day! Yes, with SpreeCommerce it's possible! Our team comprises of front-end engineers, application testers, and of course, highly-skilled professional Ruby on Rails developers. Following agile methodologies, our team ensures regular communication and timely sprint-wise delivery. You can count on us for rescuing an ongoing project and getting it ready for the launch. Speed and adherence to quality is our key to your success.

Experience and Expertise

For over a decade now, Vinsol has been developing software using the Ruby on Rails open source framework. We are not just Ruby On Rails consultants, some of us are Ruby On Rails core contributors and are leading SpreeCommerce open source project as well. We also have expertise in developing native iOS & Android mobile applications. We have developed applications for Disney, OpenTable, FoodNetwork etc.

Convert Ideas Into Reality

We work closely with our clients so as to shape their ideas into reality by defining MVPs, developing POC and constructing robust & modular architectures. At VinSol, we make sure your SpreeCommerce store is user-friendly and scalable for future expansion.

Any Scale/All Industries

We have served as a valuable partner to both big and small enterprises. Our clients are from a diverse range of industries worldwide including restaurants, venture capital firms, retail stores and fashion & beauty E-commerce brands. We have clients across the globe who have been outsourcing their SpreeCommerce, Ruby on Rails, iOS and Android projects to us.

PubNub Certified Development Partner for all your Realtime Apps

Vinsol is a PubNub certified development partner to build performant realtime apps. We have been using PubNub as our infrastructure backend for powering realtime apps at scale for a few years.

Using PubNub allows us to focus on the business logic and shipping a great product rather than spending valuable resources on infrastructure. With 70+ SDKs, using PubNub allows us to iterate quickly and efficiently thereby building a superior product.